Monday, February 1, 2010

....Colour Consultation.....

Part of what the Builder offers is an appointment (4hours) with a specialist Colour Consultant to choose the colours and fixtures for the house.

So on the January 19th we toddled off to the builders offices to pick out all the stuff.  
Hubby could only attend for his lunch the important "stuff" that I wanted his input into were chosen first (like the outside colours of the house...carpets and floor tiles) so that he could go back to work. He really DIDN'T care what type of taps or door knobs we are having....strange!

Now I LOOOVE shopping as anyone who knows me will tell!
and I was SOOOO looking forward to this stage of the house...and excited about picking colours and tiles and fittings...

this was one of the most horrendous days 
of this whole process so far!
To try and choose everything for your house in 4 hours is bad enough and no where near enough time but
the color consultant did NOT listen to my choices at all.
She picked what she thought looked best together and even though I stated at the end of the appointment that I did not like the floor tiles (I HATED them) and wanted to change them I was give a firm "NO! we have chosen all the colours for your house from them and you can't change them now!.

so needless to say I by the end of the day I had a migrane headache and went home and burst into tears...

After "chatting" to my hubby that night I phoned the builder the next morning and arranged to "re-visit" the choices that were made.

This consultant is not employed by our builder and they were horrified that I was not happy.  They know that I am probably one of the most easy going people..

So on Friday my girlfriend Sue and I visited the shops again...spending hours in National tiles and now I can say that 
I love the choices that we made...everything goes together perfectly and about the only thing that we didn't change was the colour of the carpet! 

I also dropped back into the builders and altered the plan  AGAIN!
(Last time I promise) to accomodate a corner spa that hubby bought me for a birthday pressie and I forgot to put in our I put the ensuite spa into the boys bathroom and moved a wall in our bedroom and pressie will now be used!  
Now the plan has gone back around to the draughtsman, but it does not alter the building permit or the 5 star rating as there was already a spa on the plan (just not a corner one).

So things are still moving forward...just waiting on Bank!

Enjoy the Journey

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